teamOn Corporate Finance advises on the sale of the production unit of SETE to the Argentinian ALUEX




Sociedad de Envases, Tubos y Estuches S.L. (SETE)

SETE with headquarters in Guipúzcoa, Spain has more than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of tubes and aluminum containers for different sectors in various lengths, diameters and flanges.

The company has six production lines, three of them are dedicated to the manufacture of flexible tubes and the other three are dedicated to the manufacture of rigid tubes, aerosols, cases for cigars and markers.






Headquartered in Buenos Aires, the company is being funded completely by Argentine capital. It is dedicated to the manufacture of collapsible aluminum tubes and rigid tubes. Its has been marketing its products throughout Latin America since 1996, targeting mainly pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, industrial and veterinary sectors.

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Link to the article published on Capital Riesgo on the 7th of June 2019

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